custom dog collar tooled 2015As human beings, we like to feel as though we are unique, and different individuals. While this is certainly a fact in of itself, how we express ourselves as individuals certainly differentiates from one person to the next. Whether it’s by the profession we choose to pursue, the type of music we enjoy listening to, or even the type of diet that we decide to eat. But most notably, people tend to express themselves more commonly by their own personal sense of style. From clothing to jewelry to haircuts, our outward appearance says a lot about who we are. It’s a way for us to show a part of our personality without ever having to speaking a word.

And just like people, animals are also very unique individuals, as well.

Unfortunately, Fido can’t just waltz into the local shopping mall and pick out his favorite puppy jacket for himself, nor can he tell his groomer during the next visit how much he wants taken off the top, either. So naturally, as dog owners, it’s up to us to help our pups express themselves, and show their very own unique sense of style and personality.

So how could someone go about doing that? Well let’s say you have a dog with a very princess-like attitude. She likes to be pampered, and loves having her toenails painted pink. The groomer is always giving her sassy little haircuts to match her personality, and she refuses to sleep in her bed unless it is complete with fluffy pink puppy pillows on the side. Fantastic! Well doesn’t she also deserve to have an adorable pink leather dog collar complete with her name spelled out in custom inlaid beading? Of course she does!

Or maybe you have a tough stellar boy that refuses to leave your side no matter what, and is completely loyal to the core. Perhaps he enjoys hunting with his family, and loves running around outside with the kids on a crisp fall afternoon. Perfect! It sounds like a classic brown leather dog collar with beautiful duck carvings on it would be the most fitting for him.

Regardless of what style you choose to go with to help your dog express their truly wonderful and unique personality, you can be sure that it will be expressed in the most diligent way possible by selecting a beautifully customized leather dog collar for them to proudly sport around. He or she will be sure to capture the attention and admiration of each greeter and passer-by that they encounter, allowing everyone they meet to catch a glimpse of their truly wonderful and unique personality without ever having to speak a word.