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Welcome to Southwest Distinctions, the home of custom leather products. Southwest Distinctions has been making handcrafted leather beaded belts, dog collars and guitar straps for over 31 years. Here you will find stylish upscale, hand crafted inlaid beaded leather dog collars and beaded leather belts in a wide range of designs to reflect your personal style. Southwest Distinctions also specializes in all leather hand carved or stamped belts and gun leather. Only the finest leather which is made in the USA is used on all of our products. Custom work is our specialty. Please call or email us with your special requests.

All of our beaded belts, dog collars and guitar straps are custom made according to size. Each product is custom designed by Don & hand beaded on a loom by Barb; because Barb uses an extremely small size bead she is able to create a lot of detail in the bead design, as many as 12,000 beads may be used in some of the custom designs. We use a high-grade cowhide which will give you years of wear.

Each beaded strip is inlaid between two pieces of leather with the top piece of leather protecting the beadwork. The top piece of leather on our collars, belts and guitar straps also have a handmade stitch groove added which will allow the stitching to be pulled down deep into the leather; this process will prevent any thread damage. All dog collars also have the extra touch of a stamping design next to the stitching for added beauty.

With each of our products being custom made we may either tool or stamp the billet ends. Each dog collar, belt and guitar strap will have a hand rubbed edge finish, although this procedure is very time consuming the finished product is so worth the extra effort.

Our Products

Hermann Oak is made in the USA with US steer hides

Leather Belts

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We use Hermann Oak leather on all of our belts, using this high quality leather will give you years of wear. Each belt is given the special touch of a stitch groove…

Leather Dog Collars

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Hermann Oak leather is the only leather we use on all our dog collars. Stainless Steel buckle sets (with a keeper) are also used giving you the needed strength and also will never rust.

Leather Guitar Straps

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Our guitar straps are made from Hermann Oak leather. Each strap is either tooled or stamped with different widths available. Each strap comes with a Dunlap dual strap lock.

Flat Iron Gun Leather

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Our gun leather products are all made from Hermann Oak leather. Each piece is hand crafted, carved and stamped stamped with a variety of options available.

Who We Are

protraitMeet Don and Barb Mohr, we are committed to handcrafting beaded leather dog collars, belts, guitar straps, tooled leather belts and gun leather. All pieces are custom designed to reflect your personal style.

Don has always had a great passion for the old west and the art of hand tooled leather. Don spent time working with an old-time saddle maker learning many tricks of the trade and Barb learned the art of loom beading by reading many books and of course the good old trial and error process.

In 1988 while living in Wisconsin Don and Barb decided to begin their unique leather business attending the larger Quarter Horse shows in Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, Texas. With Don’s old west passion growing stronger and stronger they decided to relocate next to the Superstition Mountains in Arizona here you will find Southwest Distinctions.

For the past 30 years we have used our talents creating unique leather products. Don individually designs and handcrafts each dog collar, belt, guitar strap and gun leather; while Barb does all the hand beading. Because Don and Barb are able to work hand and hand designing and creating each and every leather product a unique finished product is produced.

Thank you for stopping at our store, we look forward to be able to supply your needs.


Don and Barb

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