Even in these times of fast-fashion and mall brands, the adage of “the accessories make the outfit” still holds true. When you invest in quality items, you can take your outfits from everyday to extraordinary with a single statement piece. For a truly unique look, many turn to craftspeople to create a custom designed product, ensuring that their signature look cannot be duplicated.

Choosing to invest in a custom leather belt is a simple, functional luxury that can last a lifetime. When you select a custom leather belt from Southwest Distinctions, you are not just making a statement; you are making a commitment to excellence, handmade by expert craftsmen with over 26 years of experience.

The key to our craft is that we use only the highest quality materials. We have spent many years sourcing only the finest leathers, hardware, and beads. All of our products are made using leather from Hermann Oak, a legendary tannery that has been a leader in leather for 135 years. We believe that their top-line, American-made materials yield superior results.

From raw materials to finished product, you need the eye and skill of experienced belt-makers. Owners Don and Barb have been working together for two decades to create our fashionable, distinctive inlaid beaded custom leather belts and dog collars. Their dedication to excellence results in unique, beautiful products.

With our small, family team, we can focus on quality over quantity. Each belt is custom made by hand to fill your individual order, and we take pride in crafting each item to your specifications.

Every step in our process is done by hand, and every belt is guaranteed to meet our high standards of quality.

We consider each item to be a work of art, a labor of love. Barb creates intricate, delicate designs using tiny beads on a small loom, while Don inlays the beaded strip between two comfortable, durable layers of leather. Each belt is leather lined for strength and stability.

Once the belt is formed and inlaid, it is then hand stamped, and stained or dyed. Our hand-rubbed edges are a signature of superiority. While our process may be time-consuming, we believe the extra effort is evident. The beauty of the finished product is a testament to the pride we take in our work.

Our work is craftsmanship at its best — American made, with a dedication to quality and art. We are happy to discuss your custom order via phone or email; contact us to learn more and realize your vision.