Thread, Hermann Oak Leather, Miyuki Seed Beads, Buckles, Leather Dye, Leather Stain, Stainless Steel Concho Screws

Each dog collar is designed with the beadwork protected with a top piece of leather. Collars are also available in black and natural colored leather. All collars are custom made to size so no 2 collars are the same. Each collar is completely leather lined. We use Herman Oak Leather which is a high-grade leather made in the USA. This leather will give your dog many years of wear and comfort.

Our collars are also given the special touch of a stitch groove which allows the stitching to be pulled down deep into the leather, this prevents stitching damage. We also stamp the leather with a design next to the stitching for added beauty. I use a very small size #15 Miyuki seed bead which allows me to add more detail to the bead design. This collar is a 1-1/2″ wide, a smaller width is also available, however, this may change the bead design.