Tapered Belt

Color of collar

Each collar is hand beaded with the beaded strip inlaid between 2 pieces of leather to protect the beading. We also do a stitch groove so the topstitching is pulled down tight which will protect the thread. Also, notice a hand stamped leather design next to the stitching is applied which adds a little extra special touch. We like to taper the ends of the collar to allow the use of a smaller buckle, this makes for a nice clean look but a straight collar can also be ordered. We use Hermann Oak leather on all our products, Hermann Oak leather is a high-grade leather made in the USA. This leather will give your dog many years of wear and comfort.

Size: Measure the collar your dog is now using, measure from the hole being used to the fold line where the material is attached to the buckle (note do not measure to the end of the buckle). This measurement will give us the correct size note how to measure diagram.

The width of the collar will be determined by the size of your dog however the bead design may vary with the width of the collar

Click Here for How To Measure the Collar