Tapered Belt

Color of belt (click to see image)

Leather Pattern (click to see image)

Handmade Native American Star bead design with the option to add a name within the bead design(on this belt the name Troop was used) and personal initials were also added on the billet per request.

This belt is shown in Natural colored leather with an arrow stamped leather pattern.
Also available in Black and Brown colored leather.

Width 1-1/2″ straight also available with a taper for the correct belt buckle.

I use a very small Miyuki seed bead which allows me to add more detail to each bead design.  I use a very small size 15 seed bead. Each bead is put on a needle one by one and weaved on a loom by hand.

This beaded strip is inlaid between 2 pieces of Hermann Oak leather with the top piece of leather being hand stamped and sewn. Hermann Oak is a high-grade quality leather made in the USA.

Size: Measure from the fold where the leather attaches to the buckle to the hole you are currently using on the belt you are now wearing, this measurement will give us the correct size, please see diagram in the attached pictures.

We are a small business located in Gold Canyon Arizona. All of our products are handmade.