The Difference Between Beaded Leather Belts Versus Carved Leather Belts

Belts are both stylish and functional, making them a great accessory to add to any outfit. Although there are a lot of different styles of belts on the market, leather belts remain one of the most popular options. Leather is rugged and durable, making it a great choice for a belt. At the same time, it can also be stamped, carved, or beaded to create a variety of different looks.

Understanding the different types of leather belts that are available can help you choose the right style for your wardrobe. The following section examines the difference between beaded leather belts versus carved leather belts. By the time you are done reading, you should have a much better idea of how these belts are made and the benefits that they have to offer.

As you might guess, carved leather belts are created by using specialized tools to carve or stamp the surface of the leather. These belts can range from relatively simple to extremely intricate, depending on the overall design as well as the skill level of the artisan who makes them.

The patterns frequently feature botanical elements such as flowers and leaves. They also often incorporate intricate scrollwork or other decorative elements that add to the overall look of the belt. Other popular styles feature geometric patterns or hand-carved outdoor or western-inspired scenes.

Beaded leather belts, on the other hand, feature brightly colored glass beads that have been sewn onto the surface of the leather. Typically, the artisan will start by joining the beads together into an intricately patterned strip. They then sew the strip onto the surface of the leather.

These belts often feature Southwest-inspired patterns in bright shades of turquoise, orange, yellow, red, blue, black, and white. You can also find beaded leather belts in more muted shades, incorporating earth tone colors such as green, tan, amber, and ivory. If you aren’t sure of the patterns you see, you may also custom order a design. Southwest Distinctions will work with you to create a product you’ll be sure to love!

As a general rule of thumb, carved leather belts are slightly more durable than beaded leather belts since they are made from a single piece of leather. Beaded belts may start to lose their beads over time if they are damaged or not properly cared for.

At the same time, however, beaded leather belts provide a bold pop of color that you just can’t find with carved leather belts. Ideally, you should add one of each of these styles of belts to your wardrobe. That way, you will have multiple choices available when it comes to putting together unique and stylish outfits.